Amazing Healing through Guided Meditation

I have had only a few sessions and already see an improvement in myself. Marcus truly has a gift. He is professional, kind, caring and really listens. He is helping people out of true altruism and humanitarianism. I am honored and blessed to be having this amazing healing experience. Thank you so much.

Sami Jeffers



Eerste ontspanning en healingsessie
Ik had sinds een aantal dagen veel pijn waardoor ik me niet meer goed kon bewegen. Ik heb fibromyalgie en CRPS, leef daarom continu met pijn. Ik heb een bericht gestuurd dat ik een sessie nodig had. Gelukkig kon hij om 20 uur. De kinderen liggen dan op bed. Na een gesprek over de stand van zaken kon ik me volledig ontspannen en alleen maar luisteren naar zijn stem. Ik merkte hoe meer ik me ontspande hoe minder de pijn werd. Heerlijk is dat. Na de chakra's benoemd te hebben en het helder licht door mijn lijf is gegaan voelde ik me een stuk beter en kon ik weer mezelf motiveren. Hartstikke bedankt!



Hello again, Master Mark!

I had a chance to get to a quiet space and listen to your recording - I wanted to write as soon as I could so it was still fresh in my mind.

I really enjoyed your meditation. I found it to be relaxing and regenerative. The use of the gentle wind sounds helped to create a bit of a tingly binaural effect, which I enjoyed. Something in particular I enjoyed about your meditation was the way you signed off at the end - that the listener could count to three to wake up refreshed or drift off to sleep; the choice (as always) belonged to the listener. For me, this is significant because it left the choice up to me - an important quality after the listener has just left an experience that tends to leave him in a more suggestible state.

Two quick suggestions to note. The piano at the very beginning was a bit loud in comparison to the voice; I much preferred the gentler pairing at the end. Also, when you walk the listener through the orb experience, my mind goes to do it with you before you suggest to do it at your own pace. So I might switch the timing of those two aspects.

Overall, though, a really excellent recording. I still feel relaxed and mellow, but focused and clear. It was short enough to not feel like a huge time commitment, but long enough to allow for considerable relaxation. Your voice was also pleasantly clear and distinctive. I quite enjoyed it - well done! :)

Best wishes,


Jade Childers

I enjoyed the sounds in this Orb of Healing Light audio meditation. The waves were especially soothing and I also enjoyed the piano at the beginning and end. I liked the visualization and could clearly see it moving through me and lifting my stresses off with it.

Sometimes the instructions were confusing in the timing of which they were placed. For example, at the beginning I thought I was supposed to climb up into the orb because you had said I should fit inside it. I also began to lift the orb away at the end with multiple breaths before you said to do it with one breath.

Thank you for the opportunity to review your 7-minute meditation!

Sehmina Chopra commented on Orb of healing light from Master Mark

May 20 2017

Beautiful meditation recording. I was so relaxed fell asleep for an hour and woke up feeling wonderful. Thank you:)