Welcome to my website...


I did my management studies. Engineer by degree. Experienced in change management of organisations and international business. Although pretty exciting it was not enough to still my hunger in understanding human nature and what is life all about. In short I started following my inner self and here I am :).

As a master in guided meditation I support others to find their own path in life. 

Sometimes the best way to use your mind is to don't mind at all...

I support people in dealing with their personal challenges in life or just to get more joy out of it by developing awareness in happiness.

Healing takes time. Be patient not a patient.

Guided meditation by story teling can have powerful effects. Guided meditation can be useful used to

    - Reduce stress by enhancing awareness of relaxing body and mind 
    - Improve confidence by better understanding dealing with uncertainty 
    - Stop smoking by understanding the importance of taking care of yourself and others 
    - Pain relief by feeling differently by understanding the concept of mind over body 
    - Lose Weight by better understanding your energy system and motivation for change

Learn by experiencing. Teach by sharing experiences


I teach about the pleasure of healing yourself and others. Online or local, personal or in a group. What works for you is best. You are not alone after all...

Happy healing!

Master Mark

What's in the name: My real name is Wouter, but don't you agree Master Mark sounds much better for this profession :)

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